A Single Radio is more than 5 Universities–Fallata


By Muhammad Ahmad Fallata

Voice of Arewa VOA

“Let's keep the fact that am a retired journalist aside. The truth is that a journalist is a teacher who teaches huge number of people ever, within just a single minute he can educate millions.”

“Making undo to midieval Nigeria we are just having a single radio in Northern Nigeria which is FRCN Kaduna but currently we are having different radio.”

“The unfortunate story is that majority of this stations render faulty services due to deficiency skills of the staffs. In the recent Nigeria FRCN Kaduna deliver truth stories as if it was from Qur'an or Bible.”

“Compared to nowadays radio stations that cannot survive for 4 year. These station can't even subsidize it self nor it audience, but it will proceed further to knock down.”

Portraying to Voice of Arewa VOA on an interview Baba Fallata outline some remedy to difficulties facing by some media houses both Print and electronic media.

•Scholastic Management.

•Scholastic Staffs.

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