VIO Crushes 1,500 Motorcycles In Abuja

In its effort to enforce the prohibition of commercial motorcycles otherwise known as Okada operations in the city centre, the Federal Capital Territory Directorate of Road Traffic Services (FCT-DRTS) otherwise known as Vehicles Inspection Officers (VIO) has crushed 1,500 confiscated and forfeited motorcycles.

Explaining the exercise, which was officially flagged-off yesterday in Wuye district of Abuja, the director of FCT-DRTS, Alhaji Wadata Bodinga, said those earmarked for destruction had been duly declared forfeited by competent courts of law.

Bodinga said another 600 confiscated motorcycles were undergoing the process of forfeiture before they would be crushed.

He said the exercise would serve as a deterrent to recalcitrant Okada riders and those aiding their operations in the Federal Capital City (FCC).

“This is the beginning of crushing of seized motorcycles in the FCT that have been duly forfeited by competent court of law.

“So, this is to send signal to and warning to recalcitrant operators in the city, but the law-abiding ones that are ready to obey the law, we are equally ready to work with them as partners in the transportation sector, in synergy with other security and paramilitary agencies towards safeguarding lives and property of the residents of the city.

“The process is ongoing until we can ensure that the last motorcycle here are completely crushed,” he said.

He noted that after the crushing of the motorcycles, the scrap metals would be recycled for other useful things for the society.

The commissioner of police, FCT Command, Babaji Sunday, said the exercise would significantly help to reduce crime and criminality in the nation’s capital city.

The commissioner who is also the chairman of the FCT Security Command Control Centre, said; “Seeing is believing, so you have seen it, and those that are ready to obey the law will have it fine, but those that have not seen it, that is the message that we are sending to them.

They use motorcycles to commit most of the crimes, especially kidnapping and banditry, as they hardly use vehicles on those difficult terrains, and even within the city center.

“They always use them as get-aways. That’s why this exercise would reduce crime and criminality seriously,” he said.

He urged those still bent on engaging in doing Okada business within prohibited areas in the city to have a rethink, because if they are arrested, their motorcycles would still undergo same process.

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