Bi-target: I feel excited and sad as well— Hon. Afiniki Yarima

“ I lately felicitate with Tarabian’s,H.E Darius Dickson Ishiyaku and Col. Kefas (PDP-chair) for a merry Christmas and a successful ending of 2021”.

“ it was unfortunate for me wishing my People lately.but I plead for their apology”.

“Happy New Year 2022: As the world bids goodbye to a year to welcome another, people get together with their friends and families on New Year's Eve to celebrate the joyous occasion with gifts, lavish feasts, parties and more. New Year is celebrated around the globe with much enthusiasm, mainly because it is the beginning of a new year. It symbolises happy beginnings, renewed energy and hope for a better year. The past two years (2020 and 2021) have been challenging because of the Covid-19. Therefore, the hope for 2022 to be a great year is very much on everyone's mind”.

“A new year brings with it new possibilities. It is the best time to set goals for yourself, and if not, you can allow yourself the happiness of enjoying new beginnings. Additionally, you can say goodbye to the toxic elements from your past and resolve to surround yourself with things and people who motivate you to get better”.

Through these medium, I will deliver my condolences to people of wukari, over the dead of our demise father Aku Uka of Wukari with my affiliation to Emir of Ibbi Danbaworo, Hon. Afiniki added.

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