The kind mutual-relationship Nigerian Army have with Journalists and social media influencer



A one-day Seminar by the Nigerian Army's Civil-Military Affairs Department, in collaboration with Security Affairs Limited, was held on Wednesday 25/01/22 at the City Green Hotel in Ć´ola, Adamawa State.

Theme of the Seminar was "Imperatives of Non-kinetic line of Operations in Asymmetric Warfare", chaired by Major General MG Kangye, Chief of Civil-Military Affairs of the Nigerian Army.

In his speech, Kangye stressed the need for better relations between civilians and the Army in the face of the common enemy, insecurity.

During the presentation of the first paper which Maj. Gen. Eap. Undiandeye, Director of Psychological Warfare Defense Headquarters, launched a press conference to highlight the need for Journalists, political parties and other social media users to be wary of fake news and know the authenticity of a story before spreading it.

He pointed out the dangers of using the media improperly, saying, "Even this protest that sought to overthrow SARS force, had only caused a great deal of damage to Nigeria and Nigerians as well. So we have to be patient and use the media effectively towards developmenr and peace”.

The second presenter, Dr. Lanre Adebayo, highlighted the role of the media, which is to promote peace and security in Nigeria by providing the security forces with the necessary information, especially the military.

"Soldiers and Journalists should be tolerant of each other to find a solution for the country, so you will reap what you sow," Adebayo said.

The event was attended by social media users, journalists, traditional rulers, civil society groups and others.

The consultant who was the brain behiuyhe seminar, Amb. Austin Peacemaker, CEO of Security Affairs Limited, was the last person to speak, thanking the participants and calling the partakers to have sense of patriotism. 

Questions and answers featured during the Seminar.

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