alternate politics to inter-family

 By Hon.Abacha Ibrahim Jalingo

Heart hitting massage to Taraba youth. Our appropriate candidate is here

 Welcoming change. The younger leaders embraced change and exhibited great skills at marketing their new ideas. They have the courage to make difficult changes, possibly because their lack of experience causes them to be more optimistic about their proposals for change.

They are more willing than their elders to be the champions of change.

Inspiring. Younger leaders know how to get others energized and excited about accomplishing objectives. They are able to inspire others to high levels of effort and production to an even greater degree than their more experienced counterparts.

Their older colleagues tend to lead by “pushing” while younger managers lead by “pulling.”

Receptive to feedback. They are extremely open to feedback. They ask for feedback about their performance more often and seek ways to digest and implement the feedback. 



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If we continue celebrating or accepting those people that are into system from 1999 to date the society will not be good with us in the next 4 years to come

Mark my words.

But I know many of our youths will be annoyed with my school of thought because they're political propagandas of some Politician's that's are Former Acting Governor's, former senator's, former member's house of Reps, former members of house of Assembly etc and present this and that's.

There plans that we don't understand is this. In the next 4 years is there Son's & Daughter's that will inherited them into Polities, so for that we should continue to save them.

To those who are contesting Political offices..

Let them know...

Example that almost everyone knows during HE Obasanjo & HE Jolly Nyame both of them bring.. Obasanjo bring HE Ambassador Adamu Danjuman Idris Waziri with full force to become the Governor of Taraba state

HE Rev Jolly Nyame bring Hon Danladi Baido with full force to become the Govornor of Taraba state. But at the end what is the story?

They all become an eyewitness.

HE late Danbaba Suntai become the Govenor with anybody full force, but by God's deligation

We should please always asked The Creator not to be deceived by some desperate politicians r electorate that are after money.

 we should please open our eyes and be focus.

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