APWDVSI,EU AND BRITISH COUNCIL: people living with disability,women and youth to initiate in peace building

Adamwa people living with disability and vulnerable support initiative in conjunction with European Union and British Council and other, offer a special training to association of women, youths and persons with disabilities on peace building initiative to gear the peace and unity status among Numan, Demsa and Yola North LGA of Adamawa state.
The third day of the training held in Duragi Hotel, jimeta. Witnesses participant among the people living with disabilities, women and youth to acquire brand new and a recap of known techniques of cultivation of peace within low and higher level communities.
During a pre-test conducted at early start of the seminar, supervision was made to ensure efficient and effective participation of all people living with disabilities and those without. And proper guidance to whom are in enquire of a special assistance are ensured.

Auwal Sa'ad Dodo, one among the facilitators key the training with three cardinal point of peace building. where he enlight on three points, namely:
“Peace is the presence of justice, law and order, presence of justice in the society, wellbeing of people.freedom of individual and nation, and respect for human rights and many more percepective from different school of thought define peace”. Dodo said.
“Bi-section of peace is the internal and external peace and I will further clarify both internal and external peace”.
“Internal peace: inner peace, peace of mind, peace of soul, absence of suffering from mental disturbance like worry, anxiety,greed,desire,hatred etc”.
“External peace: is the process that occur in the society, Nation and the Globe”. Dodo added.
The Executive Director of Adamwa people living with disability and vulnerable support initiative,
One of the hosting initiative. Barr Salamatu Abdullahi blessed the training with her remarks and urges the participant to effectively used what they acquire at the very event.
Below is the pictorial of the seminar.

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