AB Kwacham Warns Against Fans As He Posted On His Facebook Page

From AB Kwacham's Facebook page

Peace be upon you my brothers. I wish you all the best in my position. I am a politician. For the german kingdom of God.

I appeal to All who love me. I do not want anyone to speak against me. And I do not trust that. If someone hurts me you don't feel good. Well, get out of here.

For politics will prevail but humanity will not pass away forever. I do not want to offend anyone for my sake. I did not forgive you for not treating me with kindness. I will be held accountable before God.

And on social media it hurts when I hear it with my own ears or with my own eyes. Whether it is in the name of God or in the name of my rights in the government, I praise the devil for what he has done for me.

But it should not be for the faint of heart. God has chosen something better for us. Nagode

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