Kumangar the defeated drunken demented who kills his master with the FINDER as defender – Otumba Project 2023

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A PR, media group otherwise referred to as Otumba Project 2023 that projected defeat against Fintiri in the coming 2023 gubernatorial election in Adamawa state has reacted to what they considered as tipsy’s topsy-turvy, exposing unlike the famous king, Solomon the drunk Kumangar’s dementia as media aid that kills his principal in his defence using the FINDER – an unethical media – as weapon of self-destruction for an effortless defeat against his master.

“The drunk Kumangar’s empty of meaning noise laden piece with the heading; “Your ambition is a Joke taken too far, Kumangar tells Mustapha alias Otumba,” explained how malnourished a malice of a media aid who should rather find out from his principal, who is truly the addicted to janjaweed and who smuggled janja-ethnic-hate and the janjaweed brand of politics, which is delusional?

According to Kumangar, “I thought Mustapha must live and operate by example created by other APC aspirants not until he brings janjaweed brand of politics which is delusional?”

When do Kumangar and his principal recognise the essence of APC they claimed “is dead? Or has it been resurrected? When and by who?

“You see, the act of dementia with Kumangar in the FINDER he hitherto used against his principal, depicting Fintiri as serial liar in favour of the former governor Bindow of Adamawa; APC candidate.

“The same the FINDER the drunk Kumangar used to lambast and lampoon the SSG, Engr Bashiru Ahmad, selling for his removal and catastrophically castigating and catapulting the VC MAU, Prof Abdullahi Liman Tukur, a bona-fide PDP whose brain it was that brought in Fintiri, betraying his diatribe.

“Is it surprising when Solomon the drunk Kumangar, uses the FINDER, however in vain, against Otumba as he used against the same gubernatorial aspirants under APC he’s currently commending? The likes of Ribadu, Namdas, among others.

Who is “a signboard enthusiast who has erected more than a thousand signboards” in Adamawa state other than the drunk Kumangar’s principal?

It is laughable to hear the drunk responding to the challenge-impossible being channeled to his principal, if the principal source isn’t anymore popular as one tipsy would topsy-turvy meditate in response to a recent statement credited to the threatening Otumba, where he claimed to bury Fintiri and the PDP if given his party’s ticket in Adamawa.

How many lies did Solomon the drunk Kumangar’s the FINDER say his principal Fintiri has freshened the air by means of polluting the political Adamawa? We leave you with one that exposes Fintiri suffocating the state, subjecing the state surviving in a deep debris of debts, enjoy it:

CONCLUSION: Mr. Tukur’s (SSA New media to the governor) Facebook post does not support his claim that the 9.9 billion naira loan was a grant by FG to Adamawa state government to build 2000 housing units.

Documents reviewed by this newspaper as well as interviews with those who should know also indicate that the 9.9 billion naira was not a grant but a loan as data from debt management office shows that in 2019 when Bindow left office Adamawa state domestic debt profile was N95, 219,782,086.14 but as at first quarter of 2020 Adamawa state domestic debt profile jumped to N102, 412,601,107.74. It means the current administration has taken over 7 billion naira for DMO to arrive at this current figure.

Fintiri was not explicit in the 17 billion naira loan request he sought to take as the project he sought to spend this loans on is not specify in the letter to the ADSHA as there is nothing like “critical infrastructures” without mentioning the name of the roads and location he intend to use this loan on or the hospitals he want to refurbish with this loan… (See the FINDER, May 20, 2020).

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