2023: It's not a big deal beating HoR member for Gomb/Hong,Buba-James Barka says


People's Democratic Party, PDP, candidate, Rt Hon James Shuaibu Barka vowed to dislodge in office the incumbent House of Representatives (HoR) member representing the Gombi/Hong federal constituency in the national assembly green chambers, Rt Hon Yusuf Buba Yakubu (Captain).

James said it's not a big deal removing Buba, the All progressives Congress, APC, Candidate who is second term battle-ready for the 2023 election of the federal constituency.

He revealed that in 2015 Buba enjoyed his support to win the election when he was a member of APC, but later left the party and rejoined PDP, his party since the inception of his political career in 1999.

Barka, the former Speaker of Adamawa State House of Assembly said experience counts in the act of legislation and making laws, especially laws that concern the totally of the constituency one is representing is his main target.

The Adamawa state former acting Governor while thanking his political kinsmen and linesmen for making him own the party ticket to be their representatives, he, however, reiterated that in politics he can not underrate his opponents or is going to have an easy ride to victory in work over basis, but is confident enough to win no matter what because is not a big deal at all.

He considered the call by his people to represent them as a step forward despite his political status as a former acting governor which is expected of him to go for a higher political elective office than that.

"When I joined politics is all about my people. For me, it does not matter which office you can go for, if you care for your people and they are for you, they are the deciding factor of where and how you should go into politics. Don't forget, it's Democracy and the people are the main political actors in the game, without them, you can't be anything.

" It is their wish, so I have to go for what they want," Barka said 

According to him his experience will make him an outstanding lawmaker and will go to the hollow chambers of the national assembly as a ranking legislative that will make a law to the benefit of his constituents.

Shuaibu in an interview with our correspondent in his Yola residence has poked out the confidence that PDP is not only winning his constituency but the whole of Adamawa state because Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is doing well as the executive Governor of the state.

On his blueprint, Barka said his political journey of wanting to become a national lawmaker in 2015 was having the mindset of legislative continuity as the best for the people of Gombi/Hong federal constituency.

He said his blueprint is in the area of constituency projects and will bring a change to how it is being done.

According to him, he will bring a working synergy with his people whereby the constituency projects will always be put on their table for deliberation before any implementation.

"As a lawmaker, I will make laws and follow up those laws to the later for implementation. And any constituency project I must bring it down to the people for them to discuss what they want to do with it. It's teamwork for me and them, I can't do it alone.

He however said welfare and development is a two ways things he must do for his people because the political environment has automatically co-opted welfare to it. It is something he said is used to it because they must go hand in hand.

" In my kind of politics I do a lot of welfare, but I also ensure a lot of projects are brought to my constituency, I'm not going to deviate from it. We are having a developing society as we have developing nations " He added

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